The 2-Minute Rule for urdu facts hd

The 2-Minute Rule for urdu facts hd

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اردو ایک زندہ زبان ہے اور ایک اندازے کے مطابق دنیا بھر میں لگ بھگ دس کروڑ لوگ اسی زبان میں اظہار خیال کرتے ہیں۔

Are you aware of another interesting facts about Urdu? Share with us in the remarks! We’d appreciate To find out more relating to this lovely language. Areeb and Annie

ڈیون شائر انگلستان میں ابتدا ہونے والی مویشیوں کی ایک مشہور نسل

It’s a basic etiquette rule in the Urdu language or almost every other language. It signifies you accept the expression of gratitude. in addition to that you just have been delighted to assist.Urdu is regarded in certain Indian states, but it's the Formal language of Pakistan.

In fact, you might uncover factors in God’s phrase that you do not typically contemplate but which can fortify your religion that you'll see your family and friends once again.

"Have You mostly lived here?" "like a subject of fact (= the truth is) I have only lived listed here for the final a few many years."

-اگر موٹے گلاس میں گرم مشروب ڈال دیا جائے تو پتلے گلاس کی نسبت اس کے ٹوٹنے کے امکانات زیادہ ہوتے ہیں

n. The assertion click here or assertion of a thing accomplished or current; from time to time, even though Untrue, improperly place, by a transfer of indicating, to the factor performed, or imagined to be done; a thing intended or asserted to become performed.

An English-Urdu bilingual indicator at the archaeological internet site of Sirkap, in close proximity to Taxila. The Urdu suggests: (suitable to remaining) دو سروں والے عقاب کی شبيہ والا مندر, dō sarōñ wālé u'qāb kī shabīh wāla mandir. "The temple with the graphic of the eagle with two heads."

اگر میں اردو سیکھوں تو کیا اس سے مجھے دوسری زبانیں سیکھنے میں مدد ملے گی؟

Today, it is the most generally spoken language in Pakistan concerning whole speakers in addition to a registered language in 22 Indian states.

تین سال پہلے لارین کی آنت کے ایک حصے نے کام کرنا چھوڑ دیا جس کے بعد انھیں ہنگامی طور پر آسٹومی کی ضرورت پڑی۔

Amongst the leading 200 languages spoken all throughout the world, the Urdu language would be the tenth extensively spoken language. How wonderful is that, isn’t it? Knowing this was an complete delight.

Our on the web Urdu programs will let you learn Urdu in a systematic and straightforward way, and for each system you purchase, we donate a class on your behalf to individuals who can’t find the money for it.

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